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God Inhabits The Praises Of His People

The Benefits Of Praising God Through Afflictions 
(Daily Inspirational Memory Verse) 
"But thou are holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of  His people."

Psalm 22:3

Hey, thanks for joining me here with Your Daily Inspirational Bible Verses. Today the focus is all about praising God through your afflictions. 

It's quite natural to withdraw and pull inward when you're going through afflictions in your life. You may find yourself being quieter and less verbal about things because you're adapting and finding ways to cope with what has been presented to you.

Although that approach may be helpful in some ways, it could be damaging in others. Especially if you get quiet on God. 

If you find yourself in a praiseless environment due to your afflictions then you've accepted them as the ruling factor over your circumstances and you perceive them to be more powerful than God. You're literally saying that your circumstances and the people in it have more rule, reign, and authority over your destiny than God does. 

It is a sermon recently preached by Pastor T.D. Jakes, he parallels God's authority over our circumstances as the relationship between gravity & arrow dynamics. 

We know that gravity is a universal law that states all things with mass or energy are brought towards one another. Therefore, based on the law of gravity, it's impossible for humans to fly since gravity will pull them down and unite them with the Earth. 

Yet Aerodynamics proves otherwise as it uses lift, weight, thrust, and drag to overpower gravity which allows us to fly despite gravitational pull. 

Now I wouldn't recommend flying without Aerodynamics gear just as I wouldn't recommend going up against the forces of evil without God.  

However, just as Aerodynamics can overpower the rule of gravity, God can overrule the conditions of your circumstances.

Yet, How Do We Petition God To Overrule Our Adverse Circumstances?

We can petition God through prayer and seek a response to our prayers with praise. In the sermon I Don't Cry Long; I Heal Real Fast, preached by T.D. Jakes, he provides an example of God's power over our seemingly permanent circumstances. 

In the example, he talks about how Hezekiah had been told by the Prophet Isaiah to "get your house in order for [the Lord said] you shall surely die." Isaiah was a very accurate prophet of his day. Therefore, his word was law. 

Yet, Hezekiah went aerodynamic on Prophet Isaiah in offering God praise in exchange for a longer life. Hezekiah conveys to the Lord that " [. . .] the grave cannot praise [Him], and death could not sing [His praises], [and that] those who go down into the pit cannot hope for [His] faithfulness." In response to Hezekiah seeking the Lord with prayer and praise, God overrules "the law of gravity" or the word of Propet Isaiah and sends him back to Hezekiah with a word that 15 years had been added to his life.  

So as we travel back to our memory verse in Psalms 22:3, "but thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of [His people], " we find David making a similar plea for God to help him in His afflictions. In the very first scripture of that passage, David reveals that he is in distress by asking "Why hast thou forsaken me?" Later in the passage, he sort of suggested that God was being unfair as he conveyed that "our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them."

In a sense, David is using the example of how his forefathers used praise to bail them out of trouble and He desired to do the same thing. Apparently, he is being afflicted by his enemies; life is beating him down, and he is looking to God, hoping to exchange praise for a response of relief. 

In the very next passage of scripture, Psalm 23, we see David continuing to praise the Lord in what appears to be a restoration from affliction. He talks about the Lord is his shepherd, the Lord preparing a table before him in the presence of his enemies, and how goodness and mercy shall follow him all the days of his life. 

In closing, we have discovered how our forefathers petitioned God with prayer and praise. We can also see God's positive response to this type of petition. However, I'd challenge you to go beyond your petition and seek a platform of influence where your praise is seen throughout the intricate details of your life to evoke others to praise our God too. 

Thanks for Reading! Listen to Today's episode below! CLICK HERE to get Daily Inspirational Bible Verses What is Love FREE, and I'll catch you in the next Daily Inspirational Bible Verse. 

To Your Success . . . 


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