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How To Have Praiseworthy Thoughts

How To Have Praiseworthy Thoughts 
(Daily Inspirational Memory Verse) 
"Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Philippians 4:8

Hey, thanks for joining me here with Your Daily Inspirational Bible Verses. Today the focus is all about how to have praiseworthy thoughts. This is a powerful secret hidden in plain sight in the Holy Scriptures. 

Yet, it's one of the most powerful scriptures in the Bible because it's giving you the wisdom to have complete control over your mind. 

You can have peace in your life if you just think about these things!

Whatever is noble/true: focus on things that are of a high class or high moral principle. You are a son or daughter of the Most-High God. Therefore, you should have class and be of good moral character. How do princes and princesses behave? You are of a royal priesthood so there is no need for you to stoop into low levels of thinking or behaving. Before you entertain a thought, ask yourself, is it noble?

Whatever is honest: focus on thoughts built-in integrity and truthfulness. Put your mind on wholesome things void of lying, stealing, cheating, or vindictiveness. Interrupt the lines of communication that pulls your mind in that direction. Understand that when you seek to bring others down, you're only bringing yourself down because we are all interconnected in some way. No one is either inferior or superior to another and to think so is narcissism

Whatever things are just: focus on thoughts that are impartial, unbiased, open-minded. Everyone has their own life experience. Therefore, try to see things from various perspectives. Even if you form an opinion about something it's ok to let it fade away into nothingness as you re-enter your own experience of life. If you can't form a good opinion about someone, then just don't have one about them. Release them from your mind and soul so they do not hinder your thought process and your life. 

Whatever things are pure: let your thoughts be clean, clear, and uncontaminated. Be a watchman over your thoughts and when those contaminated thoughts appear, replace them with pure ones. You can change the conversation going on in your head at any time. Literally, when a bad memory or thought comes, find another memory or thought that is praiseworthy instead.

Whatever things are lovely: focus on things that are beautiful and appealing. Being grateful is an amazing way to set your focus on things that are lovely. If you can shift your focus from whatever problems you may be facing to the things you can be grateful for then you will find your power to stay in a beautiful state of mind.

Whatever things are of a good report: focus your mind on the good news of the gospel. Inhabit good reports on your spare time. Don't consume too much garbage whether it's politics, drama-filled television shows, or bad news altogether.  Fill your mind with positive and encouraging messages.

So we have the recipe for good thinking. The Bible tells in Provers 23:7 that "as a man thinketh, so is he." Your thoughts help shape your reality. What are you thinking about? 

Based on this information, we now have the keys to some powerful principles that set us up for success in this life. 

You don't have to be encumbered by all of those horrible memories and bad thoughts. If you are carrying the spirit of offense, remember, what someone has done to you is their business. They have to answer for that. You have to free yourself through your thoughts. You have to free yourself from the spirit of offense. 

When you choose to stay there, you're taking the act they committed against you on to yourself. It's their burden to carry, not yours. 

They have to go to God about that. You're only responsible for what you do and how you treat other people. Put down the mindset of offense and pick up the mind of Christ. 

Stop rehearsing the same bad news over and over in your head. If you focus on the fact that the doctor said you've got cancer, it's only going to get bigger. Find ways to think about something else. 

Listen to a whole bunch of stories about people who survived cancer. Find a positive reference point of gratitude for each day that you open your eyes. Combat that bad doctors report with scriptures about healing. Do the positive work in your life to become healthier. Believe that "by the stripes of Jesus Christ, you are healed." Refuse to listen to negative thoughts regarding your health. 

Whatever you're going through in life, you can find a praiseworthy thought to adjust your perspective. Just think on these things . . . 

Thanks for Reading! Listen to Today's episode below! Trust me, you want to listen to this one. Feel free to donate to Daily Inspirational Bible Verses below, and I'll catch in the next Daily Inspirational Bible Verse. 

To Your Success . . .

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