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Let God Arise

Let God Arise & Deliver You From Your Enemies
(Daily Inspirational Memory Verse) 
"Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let them that also hate Him flee before Him. " 

Psalm 68:1

Hey, thanks for joining me here with Your Daily Inspirational Bible Verses. Today the focus is all about making a request to "Let God arise."  Have you ever been in a situation where you needed God to arise?

Have you ever wondered why He takes all day to handle your enemies? We know that God knows and can do all things. One touch from Him can heal your situation and make your enemies scatter like the dirt of the earth. 


Our memory verse conveys in the New International Version that David is asking "may God arise; may His enemies be scattered; may His foes be scattered before Him (Psalm 68:1). In this scripture, David is asking for the power and presence of God to arise as Moses did in Numbers 10:35. He is commanding a shift in circumstances and declaring that the power of God overshadows the powers of darkness and for God to rise up through a victorious outcome for His people.

It is my opinion, based on biblical evidence recorded in Philippians 4:6, that David has to "through supplication and prayer make His request known unto God." David prays until it turns to praise about His victorious God. He makes a request through the obedience to God's word and the example set by Moses. David believes that God is able to "rise up" in his situation and protect His people.  

Sometimes making a request to God isn't about the actual situation. It's about us humbling ourselves before God and asking for His help. It's about recognizing that He is God and is our "present help in the time of trouble." It's about us seeking a God solution rather than our own. It's about "casting our cares on Him because He cares for us."


It's amazing that God doesn't just swoop down and save us without us ever having to ask. You may wonder why He allows us to suffer sometimes. It's amazing that our all-knowing, all-seeing, all-capable God would let those He loves so much experience hardships.

Think about it, why did David even have to fight Goliath? Why couldn't God just allow Goliath to fall dead without David ever having to face him? I mean, did Moses really need to go through all of that drama to bring the children of Isreal out of slavery?

Did Daniel really need to be thrown into the lion's den? I'm just saying, couldn't God have just decided to rescue him without the whole lion's den scenario?

Why did Joseph need to be sold into slavery, thrown into jail, and drugged through so much adversity before He became second in charge in Egypt? Why God couldn't just rain bread from heaven during the famine so that His people would not starve? Why did they need to travel back to Egypt and realize that their brother was still alive and he alone had the bread?

I'll tell you why God allows you to go through the wilderness of your circumstances before He delivers you. He does it to build your faith, your character, and your stamina. Yes, God likes to work through real-life and hands-on lessons to teach us how to overcome fear and trust Him. Your trials are giving you the tenacity and the grit to pursue God and His purpose for your life no matter what.


It will cause your enemies to turn to God too. Oh yes, when they see that they can't break you because they didn't make you and when they realize that there is more holding you together than a sheer will but that it's truly the Power of God, they too develop a reverent fear of God.

Even if they never admit it or submit to it, they will know that there is a God. The word of God says, "the day you hear my voice, harden not your heart." They will hear the voice of the Lord displayed in the very workings of your life.

When they recognize that the schemes, the lies, the tricks, and the stumbling blocks, that they set before you, didn't destroy you like they had planned, they gone start looking around and wondering "How powerful is this God?" If they continue choosing to ignore the Lord and His power, they will experience it first hand just as Pharoh did. He knew that Mose's God was real, but he could not allow His pride to step aside and do the right thing. Therefore, he was destroyed. Pharaoh and his army were scattered at sea by the mighty hand of God.

So when your enemies rise up against you and it seems as though God has turned a deaf ear to your request to "let God arise and [your enemies] be scattered, just know that He is giving them an opportunity just like He gave you to obey His voice. He is also developing your faith and the faith of those watching your situation from afar. You have become a billboard for God's glory to be revealed.

Let God handle your enemies as he says, "Vengeance is mine."  It is not your job to punish your enemies for God says, "Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm." You know that if God is for you, who could be against you? Psalms 37 says, "Do not fret because of evildoers or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants, they will soon die away."

Request the presence of God in your situation. Seek His face for your solutions. Trust Him to protect you from your enemies. Believe that "your eyes will look and see the reward of the wicked" in due season. That would be when their season of grace for what they did to you is over. Keep in mind that God even gave Saul (a man who killed Christians) an opportunity to turn from His wicked ways. Saul became Paul, one of the greatest men of God that ever lived. Your enemy is either a Saul or a Pharoh, you let God decide that because either way, He will get all of the glory.

Thanks for Reading! Listen to Today's episode below! Feel free to donate to Daily Inspirational Bible Verses below, and I'll catch you in the next Daily Inspirational Bible Verse. 

To Your Success . . . 



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